Please read these terms of use carefully before booking


Locked Inn shall not be liable to you for indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, including physical injury, loss of profits and/or property damage. Our services are for entertainment purposes only and you may not modify, copy, reproduce, publish or sell any information obtained from our services. By booking a room you agree that you do not, and will not, have any right to take action against us, the owners, managers, shareholders, or employees.

Locked Inn integrates third-party services, and we advise you to read their terms of use agreements and privacy policies before booking.

Locked Inn games are live events and no cancellations or changes are allowed. Make sure you book the correct game, and the correct time. Once your booked game time has begun, you may not enter the room.

Please remember you are never actually locked in the room. The main door is always open and you may exit at any time. However, once you leave a room the game is over for you (but your team may continue to play).


Please remember that you have to book the entire room if you would like to be the only ones to play the room.

but most of all, have fun!